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Auto injury

Parker Performance Accident Recovery

Different from traditional insurance, if you have been injured or been in a car wreck, you can receive quality care from Parker Performance Clinic at little to no cost. We take the guesswork out of chiropractic care by figuring out how much it will cost you ourselves. Many insurance companies don’t tell their clients about this option, but our clinic can typically find out how much coverage you qualify for within several minutes!  

Parker Performance Clinic uses the best treatments that are most effective when treating car wreck, work, or personal injuries.

Parker Performance Chiropractic – The First Step on the Road to Recovery

The first step to getting better from any injury is finding out what actually needs to be fixed. This may seem obvious, but unlike Parker Performance, many clinics do not have the resources to find out what is really going on and just guess when trying to fix an injury. Parker Performance uses all of our resources to figure out how to properly treat and care for our patients.

At Parker Performance we utilize all of the tools at our disposal to find out the main cause of the problem, ensuring you quicker recovery time.

Don’t Wait Until It’s Too Late

Accidents are frightening and often painful, but what is even more frightening is the debilitating and sometimes permanent damage that occurs when problems from accidents are not addressed. Most of the time people experience pain from an accident but don’t feel like it is bad enough to go get help. People then wonder why their problems become worse several months or years later.

Don’t wait until the pain is unbearable, there is never a valid excuse to not get yourself treatment after an accident. When people do wait, insurance companies usually won’t pay because the client can’t prove that the accident caused the injury. Don’t let this happen to you, come to Parker Performance and have a thorough exam to see what, if anything, is wrong.  

Chiropractic Techniques

Parker Performance uses the latest researched techniques that are effective for accident recovery problems such as:

  • Back Pain
  • Whiplash injury
  • “Pinched” nerves
  • Migraines
  • Sciatica
  • Muscle injury
  • Sprained or Strained ligaments/joints
  • Disc problems

Methods used to treat these problems include, but are not limited to, regular visits to Parker Performance, Graston or Pettibon spinal rehab, ultrasound, and other physiotherapy and chiropractic treatments.