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You just went up a flight of stairs and are winded. You decided to deep clean the kitchen. You ended up pushing that heavy grocery cart all around the grocery store because you forgot to get that one particular item. Congratulations! You were able to lose weight in Parker, CO and you didn’t even need to go to the gym. Pretty cool, huh?


Your body is meant to burn fat and sometimes to lose weight in Parker, CO you need to tap into your body’s natural reserves and turn up the fat burning mechanism in your body.


Below is our favorite way to explain how your body burns fat with the 3 “burns” that make up your metabolism.


Burn One:

Resting (Basal) Metabolism: This burn makes up 60 to 70 percent of your body’s metabolism. Surprisingly this is what comes from you doing nothing at all. It’s considered your resting metabolism because it is what takes place when you are doing your daily activities like running errands and laying down in bed. This takes place by your organs functioning, you breathing and your heart beating.


Burn Two:

Digestive Metabolism or thermic effect of food (TEF) metabolism: This burn makes up 10 to 15 percent of your body’s metabolism. It comes from your body digesting food. Your body burns more calories by digesting protein than when you eat calories and fat.


Burn Three:

Exercise and Movement Metabolism: This makes about around 15 to 30 percent of your metabolism. Seeing these numbers show that it makes sense as to why people who just go to the gym don’t lose weight in Parker, CO or see the results that they want.


But you shouldn’t quit the gym just yet. The more muscle you have means the last fat you have, so building muscle can help you beat that stubborn fat as well.


If you can’t seem to lose weight in Parker, CO it may be time to switch up your everyday routine. Tapping into your body’s natural reserve can help you burn that fat away and change the shape of your body.


Have further questions or need help with your weightloss journey? Give our office a call and make an appointment today!