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Personal Injury in Parker, CO

Personal injury can be from a number of causes such as auto accidents, workplace accidents, and daily living. Pain may arise from these circumstances, it is important to get help. Proper treatment allows your body to heal without permanent damage or costly medical bills.

Getting Back to Normal

Our office offers relief from the pain caused by personal injury. Treatments that we offer are comprehensive and geared toward treating personal injuries. All of our doctors are experts in rehabilitative therapy and want to help you live a pain-free life. With an individualized treatment and recovery plan, our doctors can get you back to your regular daily activities. Our doctors are willing to educate you on your specific injury and any long-term consequences that could arise. You will be given strategies and techniques to help prevent those consequences from happening. Treatment offered includes:

  • Rehabilitation therapy – Periodic adjustments, along with soft tissue therapy, meant to restore normal movement to joints and muscles.


  • Soft Tissue Rehabilitation –  Noninvasive therapies meant to heal tight or damaged soft tissue, allowing the body to regain its regular motion. Treatment includes massage therapy, trigger point therapy, stretching, myofascial release, and range-of-motion exercises.


  • Home Care – A personalized program meant to aid in recovery. Programs focus on restoring strength, mobility, and improving posture. Patients may be educated with at home exercises, including postural and range of motion. Ice packs and nutritional supplements may be suggested to help the patient recover.

Working with Insurance

Our office accepts a variety of insurance companies. We can also help teach you how to file a personal injury claim, or you can contact us for more details at 702-277-3808. You may reach us day or night and we will be able to help you as soon as we get in the office, thank you for choosing The Parker Chiropractor.