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New research concludes that athletes could boost their athletic performance through chiropractic adjustments and avoid sports injury. Many athletes already use chiropractic adjustments after a sports injury or a rigorous workout.

A recent study took 18 professional Brazilian judo athletes and split them into two groups. The first group received chiropractic adjustments to their neck, specifically the cervical spine. The second group received a placebo treatment. Researchers conducting the study examined the effect of chiropractic treatment by testing the athletes’ hand grip strength.

Researchers evaluated grip strength before and after each chiropractic adjustment. After three chiropractic sessions, athletes in the first group increased their left-hand grip by 10% and their right-hand grip by 16%, which is considered statistically significant. The second group did not have any significant improvements in hand grip strength. Researchers concluded that chiropractic care improved grip strength in judo athletes.

While additional research is needed to understand all the athletic benefits chiropractic care has to offer, studies show positive results. In 2010, another study examined football players who received chiropractic care. Players who receive chiropractic care on a regular basis were not injured nearly as much as players who did not receive care studies have shown.  Chiropractic care offers multiple benefits to athletes, including faster recovery, injury prevention, and improved performance.

While a sports injury is something no athlete wants to endure, it can happen to just about anyone. Make sure you see us for regular visits to make sure your body is in tip-top shape for the game day. When you are looking for a chiropractor in Parker, Colorado, make sure you give us a call at 720-277-3808 or request an appointment.