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Are you looking for a Chiropractor in Parker, CO? Whether it’s chronic back pain or being involved in an auto accident, any chiropractic disorder or injury is painful. Dr. Lockie is the preferred chiropractor in Parker, Co because he uses the latest techniques and services for accident rehabilitation, back and neck pain, sports injuries, and other musculoskeletal conditions. In addition to outstanding chiropractic care and biomedical acupuncture, Dr. Lockie also provides physical therapy, nutritional counselling, trigger point dry needling, exercise instruction, and more. Existing injury-related and medical conditions can be treated with a variety of natural treatment options and procedures. With these treatment options, further injury can be prevented and you can experience chiropractic care and recovery while regaining normal motor functions and enjoy your life without pain. We love helping new patients out every day, feel free to give us a call at 720-277-3808 so we can become your chiropractor in Parker, Co.

About The Parker Performance Clinic

Being a hardworking and active person occasionally leads to injuries and all I ever got when I was growing up was Ibuprofen. I would go to the doctor and they would say, “don’t use it for 4-6 weeks.” I was never taught how to prevent future injuries. When you see me I will help you overcome the current problem and educate you how to avoid this and similar problems in the future. I love what I do and enjoy treating anyone, I am happy to talk about chiropractic care anytime, night or day. We are located in Parker, Colorado. A beautiful place to live, work and play. There are endless things to do for fun in Colorado which may lead to some aches and pains. I am here for you! Come see me and you will be greeted with a smile and you will receive specialized care that will have you coming back later with friends because you want them to experience what you have at Parker Performance Clinic!

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With over 12 years of experience in the field, Dr. Lockie and his friendly and knowledgeable staff promise to go above and beyond to make sure you always feel comfortable and well-informed. Your well being is our top priority. Check out our services to see how we can best serve you as the chiropractor in parker, co.


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January – Beth

February – Amanda

Five years ago, if someone asked me whether I’d ever compete in a triathlon, I would’ve said, “What? Only crazy people do triathlons! I’m not good at any of those individually – why would I want to do a race that puts them all together?” Of course, that was BBC (Before Breast Cancer). In August 2015, just months after I’d made a commitment to lose weight, get healthy and started working with a personal trainer, I got the news – stage 2 breast cancer. Well. That didn’t exactly fit in to my plans…but thanks to my stubbornness and the encouragement of my trainer, I continued working out throughout surgery, chemo and radiation. There were days when my body just couldn’t do what I was asking it to do – and while those days were frustrating, staying active was about the only thing that made me feel normal. As the worst of my treatments wound down, my trainer suggested I sign up for a bike race he was doing. Hmm, well I didn’t own a bike, but it sounded like a fun challenge! I bought the bike and trained, and ended up winning first place in my age group! After that, my trainer suggested I try a triathlon. Mostly in an effort to prove that breast cancer hadn’t beaten me, I agreed. My first attempt was less than impressive, but at least I finished, and I’d caught the bug!

I’ve now completed my third full season of triathlons – in 2018 alone, I completed 9 races of varying lengths. My greatest accomplishments of the season were completing my first half marathon, and placing 2nd in my division at the Boulder Sunset Olympic Triathlon! Next year I’m looking forward to my first Half Ironman triathlon, and who knows what will happen after that!! Thanks to Dr. Lockie for helping me to stay healthy and injury-free throughout it all!!

– Beth

I began my journey of finishing the Leadville 100 Run back in 2016, an iconic race that I immediately became obsessed with after cheering on other runners the year before. The race boasts over 15,000′ of elevation change over 100 miles on trails in and around Leadville, CO – which sits at 10,200′.

Conditions were perfect in 2016, but unfortunately my body didn’t hold up. Around 40 miles in I began having severe knee pain and hobbled into the aid station crying and emotional. I decided to keep going, but after 20 more miles and a round trip on Hope Pass, I missed the cutoff and was pulled from the race. I spent some time healing and doing PT and rehab, but my knees never really recovered.

I attempted the event again in 2017, back for redemption. Unfortunately, once again, my body did not hold up. More knee – and now hip – issues plagued me the first half of the race, and I dropped at mile 60. At the time I decided I wasn’t fit for 100-milers, and that I wouldn’t attempt one again.

In January 2018, I met Dr. Lockie at a race and decided to work with him to see if he could help my chronic ailments. At the time, I was training for a marathon to qualify for Boston, as well as IRONMAN Boulder. I worked with Dr. Lockie for several months, getting adjustments and doing different exercises to stretch and strengthen the appropriate muscles. I started to notice the pain in my knees, hips, and lower back subside, and my athletic performances improved: I qualified for Boston for the first time, and successfully competed the IRONMAN Boulder.

I think working with Dr. Lockie improved my physical confidence, because I found myself registering for yet another go at the Leadville 100 Run. When I toed the line August, I felt confident knowing I’d done everything I could do – especially with what I learned from Dr. Lockie – and would cross that finish Line. And I did – after 28 hours and 26 minutes, I ran down the red carpet in Leadville and hugged Merilee and Ken and bawled my eyes out, finally finishing the Leadville 100 Run.

They say third time’s a charm, but I think Dr. Lockie deserves quite a bit of credit too, as I don’t think I would have been as successful without him!


– Amanda

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